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The Vaiphei are an ethnic group who inhabit the North-East part of India, Bangladesh and Myanmar. They are recognized as part of the Chin-Kuki-Mizo tribe by the state government of Manipur. The group is originally from the Tan valley located in the province of northern Manipur. The group speak the Vaiphei language and of the 1991 census the number of Vaiphei speakers was 26,185. A study of the history of Bible translation suggests Epistle to the Romans was first published in 1946. Following this the New Testament was published through the British and Foreign Bible Society in the year 1957. Later in 1961 the New Testament and Psalms was published through the Bible Society of India. Soon in 1990 the Vaiphei Christian leaders requested the Bible Society of India towards working on the Old Testament Translation. Hence, in 2006, December 17, the complete Holy Bible of the Vaiphei was published and released.

This translation, published by the Bible Society of India, was published in 2006

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