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The Poumai Naga tribe is one of the recognized scheduled tribes of Manipur, predominantly inhabiting in Senapati District of Manipur with the population of little over 40,000 (2001 census). Members of this tribal group are also seen living in Phek District of Nagaland with a population of about 6,500 people. They belong to the language group of Tibeto-Burman. Formerly, Poumai Naga and Mao Naga were recognized as Mao tribe till the Poumai Naga tribe was recognized as separate tribe by the Government of India in 2003. Almost the whole tribe embraced Christianity, and subsequently the Poumai Naga Baptist Association was formed in 1978. Today majority of the Poumai Christians are Baptists followed by the Roman Catholic. The Bible Society launched the New Testament project in 1982 and released it in 1992. The Old Testament was launched in 1995 with a request by the Poumai churches. This project is launched in order to provide the complete Bible. By providing the scripture more people will be led to focus their attention on the core message of the Bible. Thus, the Poumai Naga Holy Bible was published in 2009.

This translation, published by the Bible Society of India, was published in 2009.

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