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The Moyon is linguistically closer to the Monsang and Anal Tribes. Until the early 1960s, all of them used Anal as the common language. However due to the adamant action of the Anal in developing its literature, the Moyons felt being left out and thus seek to preserve its identity through developing its own literature. They already had the Hymn Book in their language and now desired to have the Holy Bible translated into their language as well.

The Moyons inhabit mainly in the Chandel district of Manipur and quite a number of them near the Myanmar border in Nagaland. Their population in Manipur is very small about 4560 with literacy rate as high as 97%. They had expressed the desire to have the Bible translated into their language in 1976 but received no response from BSI. Again, in 1990 and 1992 the same request were made and finally the BSI agreed to take up this project with effect from November 1994. Thus, the Moyon Naga New Testament was published in 2008

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