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The Maram is one of the tribes living in North-East district of Manipur having a population of 10,510 (2001 Census). They belong to the language Group of Tibeto-Burman. They received the Gospel in 1949. For several decades they were under the domination of other tribes. The Maram Baptist Association was recognized by the Manipur Baptist Convention in 1987 as the full fledged Association. Ever since they received the Gospel, Churches are growing rapidly. However, there is no standard literature for the Maram, not even a single portion of the Bible was printed in Maram. The launching of the New Testament is the first Translation in Maram. This Project is a long awaited dream for the Maram. The BSI seeing the need of the people took up this Project with an aim to meet the need of the growing Churches and to enhance in developing their own language. This will also provide an opportunity to the adherents of traditional religion to encounter the Gospel truth. Hence, the Maram Naga New Testament was published in 2007.

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